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I'm going to share a rather awesome 'trick' here, but one must be very careful if attempting this. Also, it's definitely not for tourists/beginners. And even if one is very well trained in this sort of navigation, one can still get 'lost'. Here's what you have to do if you wish to 'jump' to a... Read More

Very Important!

In the German language, the word 'wichtig' means 'important'. Also in German, the word 'Gewicht' means 'weight'. There is an interesting linguistic correlation between 'importance' and 'weight'. What this suggests to me in this context, is that the more 'importance' we assign to something, the more 'weight' it carries and the more 'weight' it also... Read More

Initiation Through Hallucination

Andro - Hermetic Shaman, Alchemist and founder of 'Hermetic Vision' - discusses the hallucinatory nature of Reality and Initiation, from a classical Hermetic and Alchemical perspective, focusing on the numerous practical implementations of all-encompassing Universal Principles. Recorded live in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 2014. Audio courtesy of Natural Born Alchemist Podcast.... Read More

Origin: The Prime Paradox

101. 'Origin' is rooted in Paradox. The Root 'is' No-Thing, but only a Virtual Continuum of Potential/Possibility, at the Extremes of which there are the Possibility of 'Nothing' and the Possibility of 'Everything'. 102. All Possibility/Potential 'is' Virtual, Abstract and UN-Knowable. 103. The Potential Differences/Tensions along the virtual Continuum and among the Infinity of Variations... Read More

One n’Evermore

Night is Day and Day is Knight Right is Left and Wrong is Right Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair And the Earth is in the Air Light is Dark and d'Arc is Light Straight is Crooked, Queer's Upright In the Gutter lies the Crown And we're hanging Upside Down Still thy Heart and... Read More