The Secret Fire Webinar

The Ultimate Liberation Webinar
8 Zoom Meetings


Lesson 1: Saturday, January 7                Sic Mundus Creatus Est
Lesson 2:
Sunday, January 8                  Axis et Motor Mundi

Lesson 3: Saturday, January 14              Separator & Unitor Idem Sunt
Lesson 4: Sunday, January 15                Terra Damnata
Lesson 5: Saturday, January 21              Somniator Lucidus
Lesson 6: Sunday, January 22                Membrana Mundi
Lesson 7: Saturday, January 28              Alchimia Denudata
Lesson 8: Sunday, January 29                Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Starting Hours:

16:00 GMT  =  17:00 CET  =  18:00 EET  =  11:00 EST  =  10:00 CST

Each meeting may last up to 3 hours, including allowance for questions.


Attendance: 3⃣6⃣9⃣ …   or …  The same amount in XMR (Monero) 😎 

Webinar Topics & Curriculum    

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Logistical Requirements:

– Make sure you have Zoom installed on your device (PC or laptop).
– Reserve a quiet room and make sure to be undisturbed during the Meetings.
– Use a desktop computer or laptop. NO attendance by phone.
– If using a laptop, make sure it is plugged in or at least fully charged.
– Use a wired Internet connection if available. Avoid WiFi if possible.
– Attendance is only allowed with Video. Make sure your camera is ON.
– Use an external Headset with Earphones & close-up Microphone.
– Do NOT use the built-in Microphone in your Laptop or Webcam.
– Headset with close-up Microphone is required for asking questions.
– Test your Audio/Video settings with Zoom BEFORE the meetings begin.
– Make sure there is a light source IN FRONT of you, not behind you.
– Prepare a pen and a notebook to take notes, if needed.
– A video recording will eventually be available online to all participants.