Secret Fire Webinar Lessons and Topics

Liberation Webinar Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1

Sic Mundus Creatus Est
 ~ Thus was the World Created ~

  ~ Introduction to Infinity  
~ The Architect and The Alchemist 
~ Let’s make a World 
~ Why Midgard 
~ Gods, demigods, angels, monsters, demons, aliens and parasites 
~ What underlies the world’s religions 
~ Reality Resets and Parallel Worlds

Lesson 2

Axis et Motor Mundi
~ The Axis and Engine of the World ~

~ The World’s Design & its Actual Purpose
~ The Earth Realm (World Engineering 101)
~ The Black Sun & The North Star
~ The Dual Axis Mundi: Vertical & Horizontal

~ Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
~ Who (or what) are the Archons? And why do they need Loosh?
~ One Game that underlies all others… and we all played it as children!

Lesson 3

Separator & Unitor Unum et Idem Sunt
~ The Separator and the Unifier are One and the Same ~

~ The Mirror Plane
~ The Nature of Duality
~ The Caduceus and the Staff of Mercury
~ The Triple Remedy: Relax, Remember & Release
~ Shiny Happy People: The Fallacies of Modern Spirituality
~ The Solution is Dissolution
~ Mysteria Peripheria: The Secret of Peripheral Vision

Lesson 4 

Terra Damnata
~The Cursed Earth ~

~ Via Negativa (there is no nothing)
~ Nothing means Anything
~ What the Self is (not)
~ Do we truly have Free Will? (Hint: not really)
~ How Free Will emerges from Surrendering to Choicelessness
~ A quiet mind is a dead mind: The Origin of Thoughts
~ Destroy your Preciousss in the Fires of Mount Doom

Lesson 5

Somniator Lucidus
~ The Lucid Dreamer ~

~ Contracts & Manipulated Consent
~ The Eye in the Sky & The Door in the Floor
~ Becoming Translucent

~ The Lucid Transition Phase
~ From Lucid Dreaming to Lucid Living
~ From Lucid Living to Full Awakening
~ Awakening IN the Dream vs. Awakening FROM the Dream

Lesson 6

Membrana Mundi
~ The Membrane of the World ~

~ Everywhere is Trap | Everywhere is Door
~ Hotel California & The Afterlife
~ The White Light Tunnel and its Variations
~ Karma Chameleon & How to Permanently Close our Accounts

~ Through the Eye of the Needle, into the Looking Glass
~ Crossing the Abyss and Moving Beyond the Dream
~ The Blue Flame & The Hole in the Whole

Lesson 7

Alchimia Denudata
~ Alchemy Revealed ~

~ The Hermetic Origin of all Games
~ The Emerald Tablet
~ The Rosicrucians: Brothers of the Boiled Dew

~ Internal & External Alchemy
~ Alchemy as an Ultimate Manifestation Hacker Tool
~ Multiple Paths to Liberation: Different on the surface, One at the Core
~ Sol & Luna | The Secret Fire

Lesson 8

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
~ Thus Passes the Glory of the World ~

~ Alchemical Death & Rebirth
~ Dissolve & Coagulate: Volatilizing the Fixed by Fixing the Volatile

~ Controlled Folly: How to maintain sanity in a world gone mad
~ Paradox Lost & Consummatum Est
~ Free at last! Now what?
~ The Left & Right Hand Paths

~ Infinity… again!