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Questions Replies

The Q&R section is intended to provide our readers with a deeper understanding of our Philosophy and Services, derived from questions that are submitted to us via the Contact Form.

This section is not meant to deal with personal requests for particular advice, training or instructions, as this is what our Counseling Services are here for.

Questions Replies

Why do you give replies instead of answers?

Questions RepliesBecause we don’t have answers. But we can reply 🙂


Questions RepliesHow would you classify your approach to Shamanism?

Questions RepliesAndro once received an inquiry from a lady who asked if he had a drum. He replied that he didn’t use one. She wrote back that without a drum he cannot be a real Shaman. Obviously, this lady was much more in need of a drum ( or a good spanking 🙂 ) than the assistance of a Shaman…

Hermetic Vision’s approach to Shamanism can be “classified” as a timeless classic – ancient and modern at the same time.

On one hand, the archetypes we utilize are as ancient as time itself. On the other hand, the practical applications of said archetypes have been adapted to our modern lifestyle. Being able to see beyond  appearances of modern technology, culture and practices is what makes our approach timeless.

Shamanism is dealing with the core principle of all things, be it a living being, a machine or a social construct. At the core of all of them is Power. Shamanic Vision is the way to Master that Power. 

Questions RepliesDo I have to be an experienced Shaman to use Shamanic Vision?

Questions RepliesThere were definitely situations in your life where just by a sentence, an emotion, a decision or a look into a strangers’ eyes, you made a change in the fabric of reality, aiding yourself or another person as a result. You already have the Shamanic Vision, what you need is to fine tune it and gain access to its full potential.

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Is it safe to go into Shamanic states of consciousness?

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It is. Just as crossing the street is safe as long as you follow certain guidelines.

Part of the Shamanic Vision seminar is dedicated to the fundamental laws, precautions and ethics of the Shamanic work. These guidelines and ethics are derived from ancient practices and a vast personal experience. You will not get a notice from us: “Do this or don’t do that… just because!”, the reasons will be clearly explained and will make natural sense to you.

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How can a Shamanic Vision seminar help me in my day to day life?

Questions RepliesAbove all else, the Shamanic Vision Seminar will show you how to let go of ideas and habits that no longer serve you. Any obstacle is easier to overcome when you simply have less baggage on your shoulders.

We all have a long list of fears, doubts and unattainable goals like “the pursuit of happiness”. These are narratives that burden our life with heaviness. Realizing that these narratives were adopted and therefore can also be dropped, is the first and most crucial step on the path to a lighter and more coherent life experience.

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would I need to perform chants or wear traditional clothing for a Shamanic Journey?

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Not really. These practices have been developed by tribal Shamans to assist them with entering the Shamanic Trance. However, they are only tools and not the essence. An experienced Shaman has no need for them and can move through different states at will.

As for the client, there is no need for him to be in the same state of consciousnesses as the Shaman to benefit from the Journey.

With that being said, if you feel inclined to meditate, chant or do a little dance during the appointed time frame of the Journey, you are, of course, more than welcome to do so.

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How is Shamanic Vision different from other Shamanic workshops?

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Other workshops don’t have Andro !! 😎