Our Special Services

Sigil As part of the new Hermetic Vision initiative, we are glad to offer our additional special services of Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Advanced Coaching & Counseling.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

PortalUsing unique yet timeless techniques, Andro, our trained and experienced Shaman, will perform Shamanic Journeys of Soul Retrieval and Extraction for those who request them, assisting with reconnecting and reintegrating lost Soul Pieces, removing energy blockages, dismantling psychic attacks, enhancing spiritual defenses, retrieving messages from Spirit Guidance and much more. If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the basics of Shamanic Soul Retrieval, please feel free to submit your questions via the provided Contact Form. Pertinent questions will be answered as time allows, while the most relevant questions will be edited for clarity & brevity and then anonymously posted (along with the corresponding answers) in the Q&A section.

The process of Shamanic Soul Retrieval occurs as follows:

  • First, a preliminary Skype conversation, in order for us to get to know each other, set a time window for the Journey and discuss any additional issues related to the process. For this, you need to have (or open) a Skype account with Audio and Video connectivity.
  • The second stage is the Journey itself. The Journey is performed remotely; therefore you don’t need to do anything particular except going about your day (or your night) in a relaxed and receptive mode. The Shaman will enter an altered state during the pre-established time window and will journey for you into different realms of consciousness to perform required spiritual repairs, in full cooperation and coordination with your own Spirit Guidance.
  • After the Journey is completed, there will be a second Skype conversation (the day right after the Journey), during which you will be informed of your restored Soul Pieces, other events that have occurred during the Journey as well as any additional information that may have been received for you via your Guidance. You will also be instructed on how to deal with the aftermath of the Journey, so that maximum benefits can be achieved.
  • Included in the process, there will be one additional follow-up Skype talk, approximately one week after the Journey.

How to request a Shamanic Journey:

If you feel you are truly ready to apply for a process of Shamanic Soul Retrieval & Repairs, send us an email via the Contact Form to request a Shamanic Journey. Within 1-3 days you will be sent a reply email, confirming the reception of your request. Our reply email will also include exact instructions on how to proceed next. The Energy Exchange value for a Shamanic Soul Retrieval process is set at 260 Euros and will have to be pre-paid in full before the process can commence. A payment link will be included in our reply email. Please note that PayPal is the only payment transfer service available on this site.

If you wish to undergo further Shamanic Journeys after your first Journey (‘Follow-Up’ Journeys for going deeper and into more ‘fine tuning’), you will have to wait at least 3 months between Journeys. A Follow-Up Journey only includes two Skype meetings (Before & After the Journey), and it is valued at only 180 Euros. Note: Should you wish to book a Follow-Up Journey that also includes a “One-Week-After” conversation, the full price of 260 Euros applies.

Urgent Shamanic Journeys can also be performed, within 48 hours from receiving your request. The cost of an Urgent Journey is 360 Euros – make sure to mention ‘URGENT’ in your initial Shamanic Journey Request message.

Additionally, if you happen to be in the same area as Andro (usually Berlin), there is an option to book a face-to-face Session with him (in person). Such a Session includes a Shamanic Journey and may last up to 4 hours. The Energy Exchange value for a 1×1 Session with Andro is 480 Euros.

Advanced Coaching & Counseling

Aristotle-AlexanderFor those in need of more direct, one-on-one assistance with various personal challenges, we are also offering Advanced Coaching & Counseling sessions (via Skype). A valid email address and an active Skype account with audio and video connectivity are essential for such 1×1 consultations. So is a good Internet connection, a webcam, speakers & microphone (or a headset). Counseling sessions last 60 minutes each and are targeted at identifying the innermost core issues and progressively dealing with them using various tried & tested methods and protocols of mental and spiritual training. To find out more about some of the methods employed in our Counseling Sessions, Click Here. More custom-tailored methods and approaches can and will be developed on a personal basis.

To request a Counseling Session, please attentively observe the following:

  1. Make sure your email and Skype Audio/Video connectivity are properly set up.
  2. Send us an email via the Contact Form to request a Counseling Session. Courses of 4 Counseling Sessions are also available at a discount price, however some people prefer to start with one Session, to get an idea of how this process works.
  3. In your message to us, please include your real name, an introduction of yourself, your current location and time zone, your Skype ID and a selection of convenient dates & times to set aside the for the Counseling Session.
  4. Within 1-3 days you will be sent a reply email, confirming the reception of your Counseling Session(s) request. Our reply email will also include instructions on how to proceed next.
  5. The Energy Exchange value for one Counseling Session is set at 120 Euros and will have to be pre-paid in full before the Session can take place. A payment link will be included in our reply email. A series of 4 Counseling Sessions is available for 360 Euros – you save 25%!
  6. Please note that PayPal is the only payment transfer service available on this site.

It is highly recommended to start with a series of 8 Counseling Sessions, the first 4 Sessions at a rate of twice a week for a period of two weeks, and then 4 more Sessions, once a week, over the course of one month. As long as you continue to be satisfied with the progress made during the Counseling Sessions, you always have the option to continue the process with additional Sessions and proceed to even higher/deeper levels of applied insight and understanding.