The Path of Return

Practical Seminars on Shamanism and Alchemy

“The company of Like-Minded people, is the ultimate learning tool…”

We are inviting you to be a part of our growing family, a network of amazing individuals who feel, see and know that our reality is far more intricate and open-ended than meets the eye!

The Seminars, led by Andro, are gateways into the secrets and practical applications of the vast Hermetic knowledge. Join us on a journey of remembrance and clarity!

Practical Seminars

Our Seminars

‘Shamanic Vision’

“You don’t need eyes to see, you need Vision…”

A concentrated, four days course, dealing with the basic principles of the Shamanic way of life in general, and Shamanic healing in particular.

In our straightforward and clear way of presenting the materials, we will guide you to achieve the Shamanic state of consciousness on your own, and show you how to navigate these subtle realms. Syllabus.

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