Origin: The Prime Paradox

101. ‘Origin’ is rooted in Paradox. The Root ‘is’ No-Thing, but only a Virtual Continuum of Potential/Possibility, at the Extremes of which there are the Possibility of ‘Nothing’ and the Possibility of ‘Everything’.

102. All Possibility/Potential ‘is’ Virtual, Abstract and UN-Knowable.

103. The Potential Differences/Tensions along the virtual Continuum and among the Infinity of Variations between Degrees of Possibility, balance themselves out, resulting in the ‘Fixation’ of The Point. This ‘Fixation’, however, is also in the Domain of Paradox, since IT is both fixed AND infinitely fluctuating between Potentials/Possibilities. Thus, IT simultaneously is & isn’t, simultaneously dimensionless & infinite, simultaneously at absolute stillness & vibrating/fluctuating at an infinite rate.

104. UN-Knowable, dimensionless, not anchored in Space & Time the ‘Point Of Origin’ is ‘All That Is’. It is ‘Pure Being’ and simultaneously ‘All & Nothing’. In various cultures it is often labeled (or mislabeled) as ‘God’, ‘Creator’, ‘Universal Mind’ or ‘The All’.

105. Since ‘Universal Mind’ is ‘All That Is’, there can ‘be’ no ‘thing’ that is NOT within the ‘Universal Mind’.


106. The State of ‘Being’ is the Natural State of the (Universal) Mind.

107. It is from this Objective & UN-Knowable Natural State of Being’ that the All/Infinite Mind thinks/imagines (within ITself) the progression of Subjective & Knowable ‘Becoming’. This is accomplished by the Universal/Infinite Mind through Focusing Infinite Potential into its own Oppo-Same ‘Polarity’ of Zero Potential (Void/Nothingness/Emptiness). In other words, IT is having a Genesis Intercourse with ITself.

108. And so it ‘begins’ – the Subjectively Knowable Creation, which is always completely virtual ‘inside’ the Universal Mind and never ‘external’ to it, as there can be ‘no-thing’ outside ‘All That Is’. There is no ‘Big Bang’, no ‘outward’ expansion (there is no ‘out’ of The All), only an inner Thought Projection of Mind upon ITself.

109. This ‘Virtual Reality’ Creation is a progression of Becoming’ (as opposed to ‘Being’, which, lacking a Space/Time mental construct, cannot be a ‘progression’), as it renders the necessary ‘Phantasmagorias’ which are ‘known’ as Subjectively Knowable Space, Time, Energy, Matter, etc…

110. Neither ‘Origin’ nor ‘Creation’ can be defined as ‘THE Truth’, as ‘Truth’ is also subject to the Polarity Continuum between Absolute and Realative. Any ‘Truth’ claimed to be of either Polarity is only a ‘Half Truth’, so to speak. The fundamental ‘difference’ between Origin/Absolute and Creation/Realative is that the latter is Knowable (a.k.a. Becoming), while the former (a.k.a. Being) is not.

Some Authors (Alchemical/Hermetic or otherwise) refer to the Knowable as the ‘False Creation’, while other Authors refer to the Dimensionless/Infinite Mind/Origin as ‘Real Dimension’. Denying/dismissing the Relative Pole of ‘Truth’ is just as much folly as denying/dismissing its Absolute Oppo-Same. ‘Truth’, too, is a Continuum which needs to be embraced wholly.

So maybe think twice before claiming ‘Absolute Truth’…