Bulgaria Seminars

Beyond Duality & Cycles of Repetition

– Practical Seminars on Shamanism and Alchemy –

We are glad to announce a Special Event – a joint venture and inter-dimensional collaboration between Hermetic Vision and the exquisite Bulgarian project Parallel Reality. If you speak Bulgarian but just landed from another universe and haven’t yet heard of Parallel Reality, then click on the link and explore this website, which is unlike any other you are likely to come across!

The Event will take place in the mystical Bulgarian village Kovatchevitsa, forgotten by time and skipped by the vicissitudes of ‘progress’, a place where Magic is still alive… The perfect location for such a truly timeless gathering!

Open Terrace View

This Event, consisting of a series of unique Workshops and Seminars, will take place this summer, between August 21 and September 11. Read the full and picturesque Announcement on the Parallel Reality Website.

The four Shamanic Vision Workshops will take place between the following dates:

August 21st– 23rd | August 25th– 27th | September 5th– 7th | September 9th– 11th

The Opus Magnum Seminar will take place between August 29th and September 3rd.

All Workshops and Seminars will be conducted in English!

Non-Bulgarian Inquiries: You’re welcome to Contact Us in English for details and registration, and your messages will be forwarded to the Organizer. However, we recommend to hurry if you wish to attend, because the Event is already close to being fully booked… And feel free to Subscribe and be notified when new posts are published, as well as Like Us on Facebook!

To our Bulgarian Friends: We are looking forward to meeting you and visit your beautiful country for the first time!

Update: All the Shamanic Journey slots in Bulgaria have already been booked. For those who wish to undergo a Shamanic Journey, please note that a Journey performed remotely is equally effective as one that is performed in person. For all the details about booking a Shamanic Journey with Andro via Skype, please see our Services section. Thank you!

Be seeing you soon!