About Andro

Andro, founder of ‘Hermetic Vision’, was born in Europe. After living, studying and practicing for more than 20 years in various areas of the world (Europe, Israel, Australia and North America), he currently lives in Berlin, Germany, together with his close friends and partners to the ‘Hermetic Vision’ team, Algis and Adam.

Andro’s initiations into the Spirit World began around the age of 22, and were received from his Spirit Guides, mainly via Out-of-Body experiences. His teachings and methods can be loosely defined as Non-Ceremonial Hermetic Shamanism and are based on the seemingly ‘paradoxical’ premise that you cannot really teach anyone anything and that the best Learning is often accomplished by UN-Learning.

According to Andro, a true teacher can only help others re-surface that which they have suppressed and remind them of that which they have forgotten, just like a true healer can only assist in activating one’s own internal healing mechanism.

Andro employs a variety of practices to assist his Clients in healing themselves and advance spiritually; Astrology, Shamanic Journeys, Hermetic Psychology in the form of visualizations and custom-tailored coaching plans, to name a few. On top of that, he offers weekly support sessions, both through conversations (via Skype) and remote energy healing.

In the vast majority of cases, impressive results have been achieved, not only in the initially addressed ‘problem’ area, but in all areas of life, such as health, relationships, career and a heightened sense of personal self-fulfillment. Click Here for more about his methods.

Besides being an accomplished healer, Andro is also a gifted lecturer and storyteller with a vast experience in leading Workshops and Seminars. He has an uncanny ability to engage his audience by weaving his philosophy into relatable stories and captivating tales. His talents, experience and wisdom have placed him in the role of leader and front-man of ‘Hermetic Vision’ since its foundation and to this day.