About Andro

???????????????????????????????Andro was born in Europe. After living, studying and practicing for more than 20 years in various areas of the world (Europe, Israel, Australia, North America), he currently lives in relative solitude in Berlin, Germany, with only a small group of close friends.

Andro’s initiations into the Spirit World began around the age of 22, and were received from his Spirit Guides, mainly via Out-of-Body experiences. He has been initiated into the three Hermetic Realms: The Astral Plane, the Mental Plane and the Physical Plane, along with the (almost never mentioned) Essential Plane. During more than a decade, Andro has taught (and sometimes co-taught) a wide variety of classes, courses and workshops, on topics such as: Power as Perception, Psychic Abilities, Archetypal Memory, Shamanic Healing, Psychic Defense & Ecstatic Communion.

His teachings and methods can be loosely defined as Non-Ceremonial Hermetic Shamanism and are based on the seemingly ‘paradoxical’ premise that you cannot really teach anyone anything and that the best Learning is often accomplished by UN-Learning.

According to Andro, a true teacher can only help others re-surface that which they have suppressed and remind them of that which they have forgotten, just like a true healer can only assist in activating one’s own internal healing mechanism.

The methods that Andro employs in assisting his Clients heal themselves and advance spiritually include (but are not limited to) Astrology, Shamanic Soul Repair Journeys, Applications of Hermetic Psychology in the form of visualizations, mental exercises and various custom-tailored Phonetic Sigils (also known as ‘affirmations’ or ‘mantras’), mostly in English (but also translatable to the Client’s native language) as well as weekly support sessions, both through verbal communication (via Skype) and remote energy healing sessions.

In the vast majority of cases, impressive results have been achieved, not only in the initially addressed ‘problem’ area, but in all areas of life, such as health, relationships, career and a heightened sense of personal self-fulfillment.

Excerpts From Some Of Andro’s Teachings

Reality Design: An intense initiatory experience. The basic laws of Reality Design are revealed and discussed, along with how some of these laws may be bent, or, in some cases – even broken. This occurs by learning to assimilate the purest and most basic archetypal principles underlining our perceived reality, with the goal of minimizing experiential friction and maximizing personal conductivity and creativity.

Archetypal Memory: Learn how to change the way your brain works, and switch from linear and trauma based processing to ‘Instant Download’ mode, with no need to recall and recycle chaotically stored data from past experiences, redundant attachments and emotionally tainted memories.

Adapt your mind to implement infinite data compression, allowing for spontaneous access to the appropriate solutions at any given moment and in any given situation, with no delay in the decision making process.

Learn advanced but simple techniques to help you react instantly to any challenge, instead of freezing on the spot and thus delaying the reaction.

The Field: Learn how to develop your own personal Dream Field, where your goals and needs may manifest with minimum effort and interference.

Unified Perception: Learn to use your various emotions for creativity, instead of being controlled by them. Learn to use coherent logic by means of abolishing internal conflicts and contradictions. Move beyond dualistic perception by defragmenting your mind and blending your inner polarities.

Learn how to use your Emotions without Drama and your Logic without Dogma

Learn how to bypass (or even discard) your own projected self-image and tap into the Essential Core Self to resolve issues ranging from routine day to day challenges up to the most burning questions about the nature of reality and of who you really are.