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About Hermetic Vision

Spirit is thicker than Blood

Unison… Communion… Intuitive hierarchy of talent… Faith… These are some of the elements that are the foundation of the Hermetic Vision | House Lorian family. And yes, before everything else, we are a family to each other; a family of spirit.

The profound insights, deep knowledge and “mystical” practices are a part of us, no doubt about that. But at the end of the day, it is the support, the trust and the caring for one another, that makes this journey possible and worthwhile.

The elements we’ve just mentioned need long periods of time and quite a few shared experiences to develop. What initially connected our individual stories was the subtle yet distinct feeling that ‘something is wrong with this picture’.

A feeling that so many people are familiar with, but in most cases is being put aside or ignored due to life’s struggles, fear, social programming and various other reasons.

For us, being the unapologetic and persistent creatures we are, it was the fire that fueled the formation of ‘Hermetic Vision’.

In the beginning…

As in most new endeavors, our first few years were quite challenging. Despite the strong underlining connection, there were differences of perspectives and habits that needed to be thrown into the Alchemical Crucible to be dissolved and then coagulated again into a more coherent and unified way of being.

The ability to recognize the work of the Alchemical principles in one’s own life and to see it as a continuous process of refinement, is the essence of the Hermetic way. We call this way ‘The Path of Return’, or ‘Remembrance’, if you will.

Needless to say, this process is an ongoing one… the fractal nature of this reality assures us that there will always be something to work on…

To conclude, we grow stronger and closer by accepting what we Really are, and letting go of what we assumed, been told or imagined we are. Ultimately, there is nothing new that we need to learn, rather, the so called “mission” is to remember what we always knew deep inside and to return to our True natural state.


About Andro

Andro, founder of ‘Hermetic Vision’, was born in Europe. After living, studying and practicing for more than 20 years in various areas of the world (Europe, Israel, Australia and North America), he currently lives on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, together with his close friends and partners to the ‘Hermetic Vision’ team, Algis and Adam.

Andro’s initiations into the Spirit World began around the age of 22, and were received from his Spirit Guides, mainly via Out-of-Body experiences. His teachings and methods can be loosely defined as Non-Ceremonial Hermetic Shamanism and are based on the seemingly ‘paradoxical’ premise that you cannot really teach anyone anything and that the best Learning is often accomplished by UN-Learning.

According to Andro, a true teacher can only help others re-surface that which they have suppressed and remind them of that which they have forgotten, just like a true healer can only assist in activating one’s own internal healing mechanism.

Andro employs a variety of practices to assist his Clients in healing themselves and advancing spiritually; Astrology, Shamanic Journeys, Hermetic Psychology in the form of visualizations and custom-tailored coaching plans, to name a few. On top of that, he offers weekly support sessions, both through conversations (via Skype) and remote energy healing.

In the vast majority of cases, impressive results have been achieved, not only in the initially addressed ‘problem’ area, but in all areas of life, such as health, relationships, career and a heightened sense of personal self-fulfillment. Click Here for more about his methods.

Besides being an accomplished healer, Andro is also a gifted lecturer and storyteller with a vast experience in leading Workshops and Seminars. He has an uncanny ability to engage his audience by weaving his philosophy into relatable stories and captivating tales. His talents, experience and wisdom have placed him in the role of leader and front-man of ‘Hermetic Vision’ since its foundation and to this day.


About Algis

Although his origins lie in the Baltic region, to the question “Where are you from?” he usually replies with a smile – “I’m not really from here”. At an age when most of us carelessly wonder through the adventures of high-school, he made a courageous journey and immigrated to Israel by himself, where he lived for over a decade and where his quest also merged with that of ‘Hermetic Vision’.

His curios and investigative nature has led him to explore numerous teachings, philosophies and healing techniques over the years. From the writings of Castaneda, through Ayurvedic therapies, Astrology, Alchemy, Tantra and Shamanism, all the way to the pure principles of creation that are now guiding Hermetic Vision.

Beyond his sharp, analytical mind and his talent for strategy, hides a profound storyteller, one that can transform the most abstract concepts into captivating and relatable stories.

In our inner circle we fondly call him “The Accelerator” for his natural ability to speed up processes. His role in Hermetic Vision is irreplaceable. Whether it is behind the scenes as a manager and developer of concepts or up on the stage, where he is gradually taking his place as a teacher, he brings his unique perspective through exercises and methods he developed himself over time.


About Adam

Born on the arid planes of Israel’s largest desert, Adam is the man with the golden hands. Whether it’s physical matter or subtle healing energies, his gentle and calming touch brings harmony and beauty wherever he goes.

His path into the esoteric began with the study of classical Astrology in Jerusalem, where he also became acquainted with Andro and the foundations of ‘Hermetic Vision’ began to forge. Over the years he has taken interest in Shamanism, practical Alchemy and the research of what is commonly referred to as Free Energy.

In recent years he is also discovering his abilities as a healer and engages more and more in hands on healing techniques that are rooted in the Hermetic principles.

His intuitive sensitivity for the needs of others, a keen eye for details and his excellent personal communication skills, have lead him to take responsibility for content writing, public relations, social media management and workshop production. Both at home and at organized events, his creative talents are indispensable to the activity of ‘Hermetic Vision’.