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Special Announcement

Shamanic Journeys with Andro are no longer available. Subscribe HERE to stay updated about our 20/21 projects. For anyone who missed the “Journey Train”, you can still request Andro’s Assistance, using the “Special Request” category in our Contact Form. We’ll figure something out…

‘Hermetic Vision’ is a portal for deep, timeless & undiluted knowledge of this Universal Reality Game Construct. We are here to share our perspective and extend our Unique Services of Healing, Guidance and Counseling.

A Way of Being

Our daily reality is abundant with conflict, treachery, opposition, friction, tension and duality. But does it really have to be this way? Life can be much more peaceful, harmonious and sustainable; full of Magic, Healing and Grace.

Every single one of us can become aware of the fine forces that influence our psyche and shape the universe around us. Learning how to recognize and work with these primal powers is the key to a completely different outlook on life and an experience of Being, rather than constantly Becoming…  

We invite you to follow our blog that is dedicated to Empowerment, Knowledge and Personal Growth, as we keep publishing content that is relevant to this Great Endeavor.

Hermetic Vision

Hermetic Vision

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