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Cracks Appear

Have you ever noticed the wall around you? The one that surrounds you wherever you go, whatever you do and whomever you meet? A wall built out of bricks of your own beliefs, habits, behavioral patterns and world views… One brick is the memory of our past experiences which might lead us to believe that... Read More

The Old Mirrors (video)

The concept of Mirrors is not a new one. The philosophical notion that everything that surrounds us, particularly the people that are close to us, is reflecting who and what we are, has been around since time immemorial. However, the most interesting question regarding this concept, is also the one that most of us will... Read More


I'm going to share a rather awesome 'trick' here, but one must be very careful if attempting this. Also, it's definitely not for tourists/beginners. And even if one is very well trained in this sort of navigation, one can still get 'lost'. Here's what you have to do if you wish to 'jump' to a... Read More

Very Important!

In the German language, the word 'wichtig' means 'important'. Also in German, the word 'Gewicht' means 'weight'. There is an interesting linguistic correlation between 'importance' and 'weight'. What this suggests to me in this context, is that the more 'importance' we assign to something, the more 'weight' it carries and the more 'weight' it also... Read More

The Game

We are all immersed in a ‘Universal Reality Game Experience’ (U.R.G.E.) that feeds and thrives on conflict, treachery, opposition, friction, tension and duality. This is an inescapable truth, concerning not only our limited physically incarnated experience, but everything within both known and not (yet) known existence, the entirety of all possible, probable and relatively knowable... Read More