Shamanic Vision

Shamanic Vision

A Practical Workshop

Day 1

     Introduction to Shamanism
  •  The basic principles of Shamanism will be explained, as a foundation for the entire workshop
     The manifold aspects of the Avatar Persona
  • The Nature of the Self
  • Our Persona as a Geometry of Narratives
  • Writing our optimal narrative
     Matrioshka – The “Russian Doll” model of Reality
  • Reality is a hallucination
  • The multi-layered architecture of our Being
  • Coherence – harmonizing our wants, needs, feelings, thoughts, actions and relationships.

~ ~ Lunch Break ~ ~

     Learning by Un-learning
  • The Art of Infinite Data Compression
  • Mindful Forgetfulness
  • Knowledge vs Wisdom
     Shamanic Perception and The Mystery of Power
  • Fake power vs Real Power
  • Knowing Power, not by its effects, but by its true Origin.
  • The Permanent Waters
  • Understanding and dealing with power vampires: Horizontal and Vertical feeding.

Day 2

     Encounters with Initiation
  • Recognizing and dealing with initiatory experiences in dream scenarios and in day-to-day situations
  • How do we lose our Grace… and how to get it back
  • Belief vs. Faith
     Introduction to Shamanic Journeys
  • Principles and ethics of the Shamanic Work
  • Accessing and navigating Altered States
  • Self-Importance and weight as obstacles in perception and healing
     Soul Retrieval
  • The mechanics of trauma
  • How we lose pieces of ourselves and how to get them back

~ ~ Lunch Break ~ ~

     Partnered Practice – Experiencing Shamanic Vision in Pairs
  • Practice self-induced Shamanic Vision
  • Take action in altered states
  • Share your experiences with a partner and with the group

Day 3

     The “Psycho”- Path
  • The parasitical nature of reality
  • The need to become “someone” – addiction to achievement and fake power
  • The Path of Doing vs The Path of Being
     The Fallacy of Progress
  • The problem/solution loop
  • The fallacy of “Change”: The more things change, the more they stay the same
  • The torture of “Hope”
  • The impossibility of Utopia – what’s the alternative?

~ ~ Lunch Break ~ ~

     The Reality Marketplace
  • Branded: Keeping us in the Game by seduction and intimidation
  • How to make ourselves immune to reality advertisement
  • Overcoming the mentality of consumption
     Group Practice – Experiencing Shamanic Vision in a group
  • Cultivating Inner Silence
  • Shared Navigation Practice: Shamanic Journey with the entire group
  • Share what you have remembered and accept what you have forgotten…

    Day 4

     The Fallacy of Identity
  • Identity is determined by reflection: The mirror’s threshold
  • Substitutes, surrogates and borrowed role-play identities
     The Fallacy of Polarity
  • All polarities are relative
  • Suffering is a sine wave
  • The traps of “positive thinking”
  • Language is merely interpretation and approximation
  • Non-linear communication and subliminal perception
  • The Tower of Babel and the Language of the Birds
  • Questions and answers are not the Solution
  • Common Ground is Holy Ground

~ ~ Lunch Break ~ ~

     The Fallacy of “Now”
  • Why a popular concept – “the power of now” is in fact leaving us powerless
  • Tick-Tock: What lies in-between moments
     Nothing IS real
  • Projection and perception: Beyond the sensory data reality
  • 10th/Zero Dimension (accompanied by video presentation)
  • Piercing the Veil of Isis: Going beyond duality
     Closing words and Sharing Circle

The path is solitary, but you don’t have to walk it alone… 

… and the rest is Silence.