Opus Magnum – Liberation & The Great Work

Opus Magnum

The Great Work of Liberation

1st Day

– The Omni-Verse –

• The Multidimensional Mechanics of the Omni-Verse (Onion-Verse)
– Reality is a Hallucination

• The Reality Marketplace
– How to make ourselves immune to Reality Advertisement

• The “Psycho”- Path
– The need to “become someone”: Addiction to achievement and fake power

• Archontic and Demiurgic Hierarchies
– The parasitical nature of all creations – Vertical vs Horizontal hierarchy

• How to step out of the Universal Food Chain
– Overcoming the Mentality of Consumption


2nd Day

The Artificial “I”

• Layers of Code: The Manifold Aspects of the Avatar Persona
– The Prime Cause of The Universal Disease
– What we are and what we ain’t, what we can and we can’t
– Hopeless warriors and desperate housewives: Managing active and passive principles in oneself
– A Game of Masters and Servants: Is one better than the other?
– Why do we feel the need to take sides? Or run in circles? Finding our Anchor.


3rd Day

Core Fallacies of the Reality Game

• The Fallacy of Polarity
– All polarities are relative
– Suffering is a Sine Wave
– The traps of “positive thinking”

• The Fallacy of Progress
– The problem/solution loop
– Endlessly recurring cycles of “change”: The more things change, the more they stay the same

– The torture of “Hope”
– The impossibility of Utopia: What’s the alternative?

• The Fallacy of Identity
– Identity is determined by reflection: The mirror’s threshold
– Substitutes, surrogates and borrowed role-play identities
– Honesty and Morality: Lying and cheating as self-preservation mechanisms

• The Fallacy of Language
– All language is interpretation and approximation
– Non-linear communication and subliminal perception
– Understanding vs. Innerstanding

• The Fallacy of “Now”
– Why popular concepts like “the power of now” are in fact leaving us powerless
– Tick-Tock: What lies in-between moments


4th Day

Non Duality

• Introduction to Non-Duality
– “Branded”: Keeping us in the Game by Seduction and Intimidation
– The Path of Doing vs The Path of Being
– What lies beyond Duality?

• The Universal Subconscious and the Particular Subconscious
– How to access the former by means of the latter

• The Black Sun and the White Sun
– What is Real Power? And where is it coming from?

• The Universal Language
– The Tower of Babel and the Language of the Birds


5th Day

Applied Hermeticism

• Secrets of the Emerald Tablet: The Miracle of the One Thing
– What is The Great Work?
– One Matter | One Vessel | One Fire: The Universal Hermetic Principle

• The Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy as a Tool for Liberation
– Alchemical Principles in Theory and Practice

• UN-fixing our Base Reality
– Mindful Forgetfulness: Why we must stop relying on memory
– Lifting the Anchor
– Death is our imaginary friend: How to die properly


6th Day


• Satori: Beyond the “Questions and Answers” Paradigm
– Ending the Q&A Entrapment

• Nothing IS real
– Projection and Perception: Beyond the sensory data reality
– Faith: The evidence of things unseen
– 10th / Zero Dimension: The Ultimate Point (accompanied by video presentation)
– Piercing “The Veil of Isis”: Breaking the mirror and shattering duality
– The Inner Circle: Sacred Ground is Common Ground

The Path is solitary, but you don’t have to walk it alone…

…and the Rest is Silence…